3 Things you need to know before going to the Texas State Fair

This year my family and I visited the Texas State Fair. I’ve been to the LA County Fair and the Orange County Fair, but the Texas State Fair is truly something special. Overall it was a great experience for me and my family, however, there are some things that I learned this year that I will keep in mind for next year’s Texas State Fair trip. If you are considering visiting here are 3 Things you need to know before going to the Texas State Fair

The Parking

One of the 3 Things you need to know before going to the Texas State Fair is that the parking is ridiculous. We made the mistake and went there midday…. We were in the parking line for 27 minutes. Bumper to Bumper. It reminded me of my California days and the notorious freeway traffic. Also, if this is your first time here make sure you pay attention to every single sign in regards to parking. One wrong turn can easily add 15-30 minutes to your journey. 

Game Day

No matter which day you go to the Texas State Fair, it will be busy. This is one of the biggest fairs in the USA so we have people come and visit from all over the USA. If possible, try to avoid Game Day at the Texas State Fair. The amount of traffic and people will be at least 2 times more than it would be for non-Game Day. I went twice this year so I can speak from my experience. The first trip on an non-Game Day was a lot more enjoyable in my personal opinion. Maybe next year I will go to the Game and have a different opinion. Either way, it’s still worth visiting and is a ton of fun.  

The Coupon System

One of the things that I quickly noticed while at the fair was that my money did not matter…. The Texas State Fair is all about the coupon system. You basically buy coupons and use them as money through the Texas State Fair. I guess psychologically it is a lot easier to spend coupons than it is to spend real money. This must be true because I definitely spent more money than I expected to spend. There are discounts available online if you go on the Texas State Fair website.   


The Texas State Fair is an incredible experience. It’s one of the things that make Dallas a great place to live. If you have any questions about buying a home in Dallas County or find out how much your home is worth, visit www.TheBrandonSmallGroup.com